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Uma Subramanian - Flying High and Following Your Dreams

Episode Summary

Dhani Jones is joined by the CEO of Aero Technologies, Uma Subramanian, to discuss the future of air mobility.

Episode Notes

Welcome back to another episode of The Pathfinders, brought to you by Ansarada, with our host, former NFL Player, Investor, and Entrepreneur Dhani Jones. On this episode, Dhani is speaking with the CEO of Aero Technologies, Uma Subramanian! Prior to joining Aero, Uma was a pioneer in the urban air mobility space, as the CEO of Voom.Flights, an airbus company, which built an urban air mobility network. Uma joins Dhani to talk all about the future of air mobility, her belief that society is on its way to unlocking the urban sky, and her journey building a premium aviation brand. So hit play and join us for this thrilling new episode of The Pathfinders, brought to you by Ansarada.

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